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About Us

Paramount Airtech Pte Ltd (well known as: Para-Air) is a company organized in Republic of Singapore, as a designer, manufacturer and contractor of HVAC&R Systems. Para-Air is among of the leading turn key suppliers of HVAC&R systems to the worldwide marine and offshore.


Our Products

We manufacture and assemble main equipment such as condensing unit of sea-water cooled, fresh-water cooled and air-cooled types for operation with HCFC, HFC refrigerants and ammonia; air handling unit of low pressure, medium/ high pressure type, chiller plant of water-cooled and air-cooled types.  onboard, which just needs minimum labor for site installation as well.

Our Facilities

Our facilities consists of bending machine, shearing machine, welding and brazing machines. Dedicated areas for welding, AHU and Condensing Unit assembly.


Also, we have our own Instrumentation and Control Test Bench and Equipment Testing Facilities, including Cooling Tower.

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